To Blog or Not To Blog

Why you should include a blog in your web design

If you’re new to the world of digital marketing, you may not have yet considered incorporating a blog into your web design process.

Business blogging is a digital marketing strategy which can help you to increase your company’s presence online by making use of simple SEO techniques. It has a whole host of benefits, including:

More visits to your website

Every time you write and publish a new blog post, it’s one more page on a search engine. The more content you post, the more opportunity you’ll have to appear in the results pages of users who are searching for key terms and phrases related to your industry. By appearing in more of these results pages – or SERPs as they’re technically known – you’re increasing your chances of driving more traffic to your site.

Social media content

Social media is another digital marketing technique which you may be using to increase your business’ presence online.

If you’re writing regular blog posts that are of interest to prospective customers, then you’ll want to share them on your social media. Not only will you reach more prospects by sharing industry-relevant content, but you’ll also be increasing your website traffic when people click on your blog. A win-win!

Building authority

The best way to build trust with prospective customers is to build a rapport before they enter the sales process. Blogging can do this.

The best type of blog is one that answers popular questions and search terms directly and effectively. If you are able to do this, you’ll be showing prospective customers that you understand the industry you work in, making yourself an authority figure.

For example, as a retailer, if you’re writing posts about your products, then customers will come to know you as a trusted source of knowledge in relation to the clothing, food or home decor they are looking for. This is the first step to building a good rapport, making them more likely to enter the sales process trusting your brand – hopefully leading to more generated sales!

Alternatively, if you operate as a B2B company, then publishing well-researched articles will help you to become an expert within your industry. Having a network of expert articles behind your brand, will encourage people to come to you for advice or insight.

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