Manage Contacts

A successful business has a customer base. Storing your database is the tricky bit. Many use spreadsheets, their email, paper, mobile, some even just keep the details in their head. When you need to share information or get the contact details or notes history of a customer, it becomes a nightmare. REAL offers a centralised database, storing all your contacts in one secure location; in the cloud. Securely, access your database on your computer, tablet and mobile. Whether you're on the go, have multiple offices or if you need to use your clients computer. Securely login and get those details in real time as though you're sitting at your desk.

Manage categories

Setup custom categories and filter your contacts within these categories.  

  • Add category/group
  • Rename/delete category
  • Assign contacts to category
  • Email groups
  • Filter groups

Database of contacts

Store all your contacts in one place. Edit and update contact details.

  • Add contact
  • Assign group
  • Add to Mailchimp list
  • Email contact
  • Notes history
  • Custom data fields


Add/edit and delete users. Setup customer accounts and manage user permissions.

  • Create login account
  • Assign to group
  • Password reset
  • Add Customer login (front end)