Email Marketing

One of the most cost effective ways of generating new business is using email marketing. REAL comes with Mailchimp built-in. Simply connect REAL to your Mailchimp account and you'll be able to create email campaigns, lists and merge tags all within REAL's interface. No need to login to multiple software systems, simply do everything in one place. View stats including bounces, unsubscribes, unique opens, (including how many times they've opened it) and total opens. 

Editing your email content is just like using popular document editing software, such as Word or Google docs. Simply add images, headings, bold, italics and hyperlinks. Set your campaign to be sent out at a particular date and time, again all within REALS intuitive interface.

Mailing list

Create mailing lists and assign subscribers to your lists. Mailchimp will automatically remove bounced and invalid email addresses.

  • Create mailing list
  • Add subscribers
  • Add merge tags


Track opens, bounced emails, unsubscribes and how many times your email is viewed, You can also see how many clicks your recipients have clicked on.

  • View sent
  • View bounces (soft/hard)
  • View unsubscribes
  • View open rate
  • View clicks

Merge Tags

Customize your campaigns. Merge tags allow you to dynamically add content to your email. Include merge tags such as first name or social links.

  • Create custom tags
  • Add. edit, delete merge tag
  • Add merge tag with default content


Set a date and time to send your campaign. Create multiple campaigns and schedule them to go out every week, month or even year.

  • Set date and time of send
  • Unschedule your campaign
  • Continue to edit your campaign, even when
    it's scheduled to send