REAL gives you simple editing tools to allow you to add and edit text, images, video and hyperlinks. Highlight your text and change its appearance. make it bold, underline, italic or add a hyperlink to an external web page.

Add/Edit/Delete webpages

Webpages can easily be created, edited and deleted within the page manager. All pages can be seen here along with assigning a page template.

  • Add/Edit/Delete webpage
  • Add Keywords
  • Add meta description

Edit content

Simple page editing. To edit content, simply highlight the content you want to change and use the popup editor to select the option you require. Make content bold, italic, add headings, bullet points, justify text and add hyperlinks.

  • Add text and images
  • Add hyperlinks to text and images
  • Set image title for SEO
  • Add video

Add images

Add images to any page. Set the size and create a hyperlink to any web page.

  • Upload and add images
  • Set image size (thumb, small, medium, large)
  • Add image title for SEO
  • Link your image to any web page

  • About REAL Internet

    Real Internet is a start-up business created by a team of individuals who have been running website design and hosting companies of their own.

    Having knowledge and experience working with CMSs such as Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal to build websites and incorporating plug-ins to extend the tools the website could provide we personally know the frustrations and shortcomings that occur from running and maintaining these sites.


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    REAL Marketing Limited
    45 Highstreet, Thornbury, BS35 3AR

    Call: 01454 806 570

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