Sell products and services and track sales in real time

Real CMS allows you to see real-time data on Leads and Sales, Individual or team sales targets and what the current statistics look like. Using the easy to read dashboard, management and employees can take a real-time snapshot of this month's activity; active leads, new contacts, email campaigns. Time will be saved as you drill down into each separate category and create the reports relevant to your business.

Create reports for different individuals, teams or branches to identify your business's strongest and weakest elements; team sales, products, leads, promotions, etc.

Real CMS has a built in Ecommerce system ready to be switched on at anytime. Integrated directly into the system the user interface is uniform with the rest of the system. Not requiring an ecommerce plugin will save time and money.

With no need for you to make sure it is running the latest version required to maintain security of client and business data you can focus efforts on your sales instead of your systems. Real CMS was built so that all elements of your business can be accessed and processed from one platform.

Creating a catalogue, Customer ordering, Payment Gateway, Processing, Customer communication, Customer Notes, Invoicing can all be done from REAL CMS.