Who are we?

Real Internet* is a business created by a team of individuals who have been running website design and hosting companies of their own for over 35 Years.

Having knowledge and experience of working with CMSs such as Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal to build websites and incorporating plug-ins to increase functionality, we personally know the frustrations and shortcomings that occur from running and maintaining these sites.

At Real we realised that we aren’t the only ones who were as frustrated with what the software marketplace had to offer. We were looking for a system to manage our online shop window, marketing system, contact relationships, sales leads and targets without have to jump between several software packages. Collating data to create reports from these separate places had become too time consuming!! Time costs money after all!

So we decided to build a system ourselves!!!

Most existing CMS systems were developed for a specific purpose and then modified to increase its functionality. Wordpress was designed as a blogging platform and then converted into a website platform. Ecommerce sites were developed to sell products online and to interact with customers. Software writers recognised that these sites couldn’t meet all the needs that users required and saw the opportunity to create and sell plugins to increase functionality. CMSs contain so many tools and functions that a high percentage of businesses don’t use. Website dashboards are cluttered and confusing for users. Much time and money is lost by maintaining these sites by the constant need to update separate website and plugin software, navigating the system, or by not utilising it to its potential.

We have taken the elements of these sites that businesses DO use and have put together a software suite of tools that businesses will use without complication. We want to help businesses to be able to focus on what is important to them so that individuals have more time and money to do the things they want to do.

*Real Internet is the trading name of Real Marketing Ltd