5 Good Reasons Why You Need a Responsive Website

In today’s world, there’s a vast majority of users out there accessing the Internet via smartphones and tablets, rather than a laptop or desktop computer. So if your website appears clunky, and difficult to use on their device, they’ll simply leave your site and shop elsewhere.

What is Responsive Web Design?

It’s a coding technique web developers apply to the build of a website design so that, regardless of the device that is being used, the website will respond and adjust to the screen size. A responsive website design is easy to navigate on any device and will deliver a great user experience, resulting in happy customers and increased sales.

Here are 5 very good reasons why your website should be responsive.

One Size Fits All 

A responsive web design will adapt to different screens automatically. It cleverly detects the user’s screen size and resolutions, and then generates the best possible output for that device.

Seamless Experience 

Mobile friendly versions of websites are often simplified versions of the parent website. This can often be really frustrating when a user jumps from their mobile, to their laptop and gets a completely different screen. A responsive web design will provide a consistent look and feel.

Cost Effective

Instead of owning and maintaining multiple websites for different devices, a responsive website, its content, and imagery, only needs to be maintained once.

Customised Marketing

Multiple versions of the same website can make marketing campaigns onerous. However, with a responsive website and valuable data from Google Analytics, the web pages can be highly customised.

Reduced Bounce Rate

High bounce rates are frowned on by search engines. Responsive websites achieve a lower bounce rate compared to their non-responsive counterparts. They load quickly and will keep users on your page.

At Real Internet, we offer affordable web design services that cover the South West UK. We are a creative and passionate team, that deliver thoughtful, well designed, responsive websites from start to finish. We love to talk responsive so contact us today.

Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving industry, so it’s important to keep up with the latest developments and trends. In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at a few common digital marketing errors to avoid.

Not Developing Your SEO Strategy

One of the most effective ways of increasing your visibility on search engines and getting your business noticed by your target audience is by working on your SEO techniques. There are a number of proven SEO tactics that continue to help blog posts and websites rank higher in search engine results, including adding keywords in the meta description and title tag and adding interactive content, visual content and backlinks. However, search engine algorithms are continuously changing, and it’s important to stay up to date with the latest SEO techniques so that your site doesn’t end up being left behind.

Not Creating a Documented Strategy

If you’re a B2C or B2B brand without a documented strategy, you aren’t alone. In order to stand out, you need to have a clearly mapped out plan. It’s important for your business to establish its own goals but it’s also important to lay out a documented plan of the steps you need to take in order to accomplish them. If you have a small marketing team, it’s a good idea to focus on two or three strategies at a time or get in touch with a digital marketing agency to help. By analysing each of your tactics, you can quickly uncover which techniques are working and which aren’t.

Posting on Social Media Without an End Goal

Creating valuable content that is designed to generate engagement from your audience is the best technique for social media marketing. Posting for the sake of it is not an effective strategy, your end goal must be to connect with your followers and provide them with valuable content so that they are encouraged to take action. Creating headlines that stand out with facts, questions and how-to’s is a great way to generate interest, while responding to comments will convince audiences that you are worth connecting with.

If you’re looking for digital marketing or web design services from an experienced provider, get in touch with our team at Real Internet today.

Why bespoke web design is a good investment

If you run a small business you probably realise that it’s essential for you to have an online presence. With the role technology and eCommerce plays in our lives, a website is a must. Investing in bespoke website design might seem like a stretch too far for you and your budget right now but, in reality, it’s one of the wisest investments you can make.

Your website, your way

Your business is unique, surely your website should be equally as unique? You have individual requirements from your website that a web design company can help you achieve quickly, efficiently, and surprisingly affordably. When you use a template to build your website, you are always going to be dealing with some sort of compromise in functionality.

Using the services of a web developer you can have your website built to your exact specifications – your website needs to work for your business, and for your customers, if it’s going to be successful. It’s much easier to do that by building it from scratch.

Ongoing improvements

A website is never “done” – it requires constant updating and improving to ensure it’s as responsive and secure as possible. There is no better team to handle the management of your website on an ongoing basis than the team who built it. Many web design agencies, such as Real Internet, also offer ongoing maintenance packages to clients to keep their websites running perfectly. This allows you to keep your website secure, and ensure it always suits your changing needs.

Improving brand image

Something all small businesses need to consider is brand image and digital marketing, and a bespoke website offers an excellent boost to your overall image. It makes your business seem better established and higher quality, without any extra work required on your part. Think of all the largest and most successful businesses in your industry – they don’t use website templates, and neither should you.

Get started today

A bespoke website tailored to your exact needs is surprisingly affordable, and open to businesses of all sizes. Give your small business the website it deserves, and contact Real Internet today to get the ball rolling.


Design Matters

Why good design matters for your business’s website

Real Internet Design

In 2020, eCommerce is bigger and more important than ever before, and a well-designed website that’s as easy to use as it is good to look at is vital for any business. So whatever your trade or area of the market, whether you are focused on a particular region or have global ambitions, here’s why beautiful website design matters to you.

Brand awareness and consumer confidence

A carefully crafted website is a prime opportunity to show your potential customers that you are an expert in the services or products that you provide. This could be a news section detailing updates in fashions or products for your sector, or a regular blog on how you and your employees operate – a little peek behind the scenes. You could even include how-to videos or other tutorial-style guides. Extra content like this gives customers real confidence that you are at the top of your game. Do it right and they feel like they’re getting a little extra something for free, too.

First Impressions count

Once upon a time, you could easily reach your customers via printed business directories. Plus, they were quite likely to come into a high street showroom or shop. But those days are gone. Now, the first experience of your business for a customer will often be via a computer, tablet or phone screen. Because of this, making sure your website is easy to use, looks good and delivers the right information to the customer is absolutely crucial.

You need to catch your users’ eyes immediately and tell them what you offer simply and clearly. If not, they’ll take their business elsewhere…

Attract customers

This depends on your type of business, but these days it’s perfectly possible that you won’t have a public showroom floor or physical shop from which to sell your wares. If that’s true, then your website is key to getting your message – and your products – out to customers.

Here, at Real Internet, we are passionate about designing attractive, responsive and practical websites that are work as hard for your business as you do.

We offer a range of web services, call us on 01454 806570 to find out more.


Monthly Maintenance Packages

Investing in a monthly maintenance package for your new website

Real Internet Security

Real Internet is not just a passionate and experienced web design company, we also offer our clients monthly web maintenance packages on an ongoing basis. A great website is essential, but many businesses don’t understand the importance of ongoing web maintenance.

Why continued web development matters

Websites are under a constant state of development as technology continues to improve. That means it’s important you’re able to keep your website updated on a regular basis. You have no doubt had the misfortune of browsing a website that has not been updated in a long time, and it doesn’t make for a pleasant experience – pages taking too long to load, elements not loading correctly, and visibly dated graphics.

These things do not encourage visitors to engage with your website. Whether your website is service, information, or eCommerce based you need to present an image that your business is up to date. That means ongoing website maintenance is an essential part of any ongoing brand development strategy.

Ensuring a responsive, secure browsing experience

The way your website looks is one thing, but it’s the way it feels to navigate that will really benefit from an ongoing maintenance package. Keeping your website code as lean as possible on an ongoing basis means your website remains fast to load and accessible on a broad range of mobile devices.

Security too is an essential consideration. Viruses and malware are under constant development, and as a part of your monthly maintenance package, you can ensure your website and checkout systems are as well protected as possible from attack. This is essential for maintaining your customers’ trust.

Who should you choose to manage your website maintenance?

Website Maintenance

There is no better team to handle the ongoing maintenance of your website than the one that actually developed it – that’s why at Real Internet, we’re proud to offer a totally end-to-end in house service for our clients. We can develop a website from the ground up, and then handle its ongoing maintenance and updates.

Your website is an investment – a further small investment in keeping it usable, responsive, and secure is an essential consideration.

Website Design

Professional Website Design

Why investing in a professional website design will save you money in the long run

It may seem like investing in a professionally designed website is too much of an investment for a small business, but when your website is your digital shop window, it’s essential to get it looking great and working hard.

Working with our expert team, you can build a website that fits your vision and delivers technically to grow your customer base, increasing your income and saving you money in the long run.

Ecommerce = income

By being able to sell online, your customer base and income can only grow. Even if your business is a service rather than a physical product, offering an online booking system will also help your profit increase. More and more people want to be able to make appointments quickly whilst on the go, rather than having to make a phone call, so offering this service will give your business a huge boost.

Being super visible with SEO

Whilst we design beautiful websites, our web developers also make sure they work hard for you behind the scenes. All our websites are built with integrated search engine optimisation, so your business will have the best chances of being seen by potential customers rather than getting lost in the sea of Google search engine results.

Getting to know your customers

Our digital marketing team can integrate mailing lists to your website, giving the opportunity to send newsletters to your subscribers with special offers, new products and updates to build relationships with your customers. This will all help customers stay aware of what you have to offer and keep them loyal. We can also help to create a blog for your website, which is another great tool to keep customers updated on your latest business news.

Website Design

Starting from just £100 per page, Real Internet can tailor your website to fit your business needs at an affordable price. To find out more on how we can work together to boost your business website, get in touch today.


To Blog or Not To Blog

Why you should include a blog in your web design

If you’re new to the world of digital marketing, you may not have yet considered incorporating a blog into your web design process.

Business blogging is a digital marketing strategy which can help you to increase your company’s presence online by making use of simple SEO techniques. It has a whole host of benefits, including:

More visits to your website

Every time you write and publish a new blog post, it’s one more page on a search engine. The more content you post, the more opportunity you’ll have to appear in the results pages of users who are searching for key terms and phrases related to your industry. By appearing in more of these results pages – or SERPs as they’re technically known – you’re increasing your chances of driving more traffic to your site.

Social media content

Social media is another digital marketing technique which you may be using to increase your business’ presence online.

If you’re writing regular blog posts that are of interest to prospective customers, then you’ll want to share them on your social media. Not only will you reach more prospects by sharing industry-relevant content, but you’ll also be increasing your website traffic when people click on your blog. A win-win!

Building authority

The best way to build trust with prospective customers is to build a rapport before they enter the sales process. Blogging can do this.

The best type of blog is one that answers popular questions and search terms directly and effectively. If you are able to do this, you’ll be showing prospective customers that you understand the industry you work in, making yourself an authority figure.

For example, as a retailer, if you’re writing posts about your products, then customers will come to know you as a trusted source of knowledge in relation to the clothing, food or home decor they are looking for. This is the first step to building a good rapport, making them more likely to enter the sales process trusting your brand – hopefully leading to more generated sales!

Alternatively, if you operate as a B2B company, then publishing well-researched articles will help you to become an expert within your industry. Having a network of expert articles behind your brand, will encourage people to come to you for advice or insight.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use web design which allows you to set up and start blogging, then contact us today. We are passionate about designing attractive, responsive and practical websites that are bespoke to you. You can call us on 01454 806570 to find out more.