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Why is mobile compatibility so important?

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Name four things you always have with you when you leave the house – we’re pretty sure that one of those things will be a mobile phone!

The internet has grown in popularity over the last 20-25 years, and for many of us our first experiences of the ‘world wide web’ would have been sat at a desk, browsing via our dusky beige PCs; Mobile Compatibility was just something early web designers did not need to consider!

The early mobile internet experience wasn’t always great, with WAP being costly to use and only able to convey basic information to the viewer – it was the advent of 3G and smart phones that gave the mobile market the boost it needed and led to greater mobile compatibility across the internet.

While many of us are still browsing at our PCs, over the last 10 years mobile browsing has constantly been on the up.  With over 50% of traffic in November 2019 being mobile based, if your website is not optimised for those users you could be alienating 50% of your customer base!

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Modern websites should be designed to capture both desktop and mobile browsers, with a lot of websites often having simpler scaled down versions of their regular sites.  This can be achieved in a number of ways:

Real Internet Responsive design
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Using a Responsive Design

Screen sizes and resolutions are measured in pixels, with most desktop displays working at 1440×900.   An iPhone 6 screen size is 1334×750 – not much of a difference there, but when you are squeezing a screen that would usually be at least 20” into 4-5” some sacrifices will need to be made for the content to be clear and viewable!  At Real Internet, one technique we like to use when designing mobile websites is to detect the devices screen size and have a selection of potential views which will display dependant on the screen size – this is called Responsive Design.  If your reading this on a desktop PC, try resizing the window and see what happens!

Using WordPress

A lot of WordPress themes/plugins have an option to toggle whether a certain element displays dependant on the screens size.
For example, if your website has a large visual banner on the desktop site, this could be toggled with a smaller banner and slightly different layout when a mobile view is detected.

Real Internet used this technique while working on Juby Interior Design as the client requested the mobile aspect is very important to her business!

Real Internet Juby Interior Design
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Having a Separate Mobile Website

This technique has been superseded by responsive design, but in the past websites may have had an alternate site dedicated for mobiles, with the web address being preceded by a ‘m.’.

At Real Internet we automatically take mobile compatibility into account, as we want your customers to be able to interact with your business whether they be browsing from home or the office, or on the go via their mobile phone, and with the market share for mobile devices steadily increasing as technologies like 5G develop it’s clear to see why!

If your website has poor mobile functionality, don’t lose out on a potential 50% of your customers, contact us today and see what Real Internet can do for you.