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Wordpress Updates and Maintenance – Behind the Scenes

Wordpress Updates

If you are one of our many WordPress customers, you should receive a fortnightly report about your website.  This includes information regarding updates to plugins, the security status of your site, as well as information from Google Analytics telling you how many visitors your site is receiving.

However, the Website Report you receive is the last stage in the update process, so what else does it involve and why are they necessary?

Today we will be having a look behind the scenes, so that you can be sure that the team at Real Internet are working to keep your website and its information secure, functional, and most importantly online!


All WordPress sites at Real Internet are updated once a fortnight.  When designing a website we make sure to use established plugins that receive regular updates from their developers, and these updates are applied during this process.  As well as updates to compatibility and functionality, these updates also include patching vulnerabilities in the plugins code, keeping the sites safe and secure.

We also backup your site and it’s data, so should something go wrong we can get you back online instantly.

Real Internet Wordpress Updates
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Security Plugins

As well as being a powerful and widely used platform, WordPress is also a victim of its own success in that it’s framework is almost always under attack from hackers and data miners.  At Real Internet we are fully aware of the sometimes Wild-West nature of the internet, and we take steps to protect all of our client’s sites from harm.

Part of this defence is using plugins dedicated to preventing hacking attempts (currently we use Wordfence).

The WordPress framework itself is also regularly updated, again to protect against hacking attempts, but to also improve the overall functionality.

Security Scans

To ensure the ongoing security of our sites, we also run a security check that looks for vulnerabilities in a sites code.  This is reported back to us, detailing the plugin or code that’s at issue allowing us to fix the issue before it becomes a problem!

We do this prior to sending the Website Report to a client, as we feel it’s important that the client knows their site is verified as clean so they can confidently refer their own customers to it.

The report also details any failures in site security prior to this, so you can be sure that we are actively working to keep your site safe, secure, and online.

Real Internet Wordpress Website Design and Hosting
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Google Analytics

We include Google Analytics in your report, so you can see how well your website is performing.  Real Internet actively promotes Search Engine Optimisation, which can help your sites appear before your competitors in search engine results.  These graphs give an insight to the increases in web traffic that SEO can provide.  If this is something you feel would be useful to grow your business please contact us!

At Real Internet we take your sites security very seriously, a potential compromise could not only affect your website, but also our other hosted clients sites!  However with the fortnightly updates, security scans and use of approved established plugins, we are confident that we are doing everything we can to protect your site in a way that’s not only highly effective but cost efficient too!

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