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Why choose WordPress when building a website?

Real Internet Wordpress Website Design and Hosting

Why Choose WordPress?

When it comes to setting up your own website, the first thing to think about is which platform it will be based on. There are a few different content management systems you could use here, e.g. Joomla and Drupal, but WordPress is arguably the most popular. In simple terms, WordPress is not only a very effective platform to publish content on but also a great tool to build quality websites with.  But what advantages will using this CMS bring to your new website?

Easy to use

This is perhaps the biggest reason so many people love WordPress – it is so simple to use. You do not need to have any in-depth coding knowledge or specialist IT skills to get the most from it. It features a very intuitive user interface which is both easy to navigate and sensibly laid out. This makes publishing and managing content on your website very straightforward and quick.

Lots of cool plug-ins to use

This is one big advantage WordPress has which you may not know about yet. Plug-ins are specific pieces of software that you can download to your site in order for them to perform useful functions. Using these plug-ins allows you to make your site more unique, better to use and also take away some of the work you would have to do manually otherwise. Even better, most are free and all are easy to attach to your site. A good example of this in action is a guest counter plug-in which tells you how many visitors you have had.

Real Internet Wordpress Website Design and Hosting

Real Internet Wordpress Website Design and Hosting


Of course, web security is top of most people’s agenda these days. You will be pleased to know that this CMS platform is actually very secure and safe. This not only gives consumers the confidence to use your website but also means you have complete peace of mind too. Even better, security updates will be automatically applied so you do not have the hassle of remembering to do so yourself.

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