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What is long-tail SEO?

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When you’re optimising your site for SEO, you tend to focus on your main selling points. For example, if you sell shoes you should make it your goal to rank high on Google for the search term ‘shoes’.

But if you’re a start-up, or anyone else other than Nike, Adidas or Amazon, it’s going to be tough to get your brand in front of potential customers just by using the search ‘shoes’.

That’s where long-tail SEO can help.

Think of it as a pyramid where your peak is the search term ‘shoes’. Google likes sites that give their users valuable, unbiased content – the rest of the bricks.

Long-tail SEO lets you tap into those at the end of the marketing funnel; the ones that are ready to buy. It’s looking into search terms with lower volume, but ones which provide a higher conversion rate.

If a consumer knows what they want – and they’re ready to buy it – they’re likely to ask Google, YouTube or whoever else to find them a specific product.

SEO Real Internet, Website design, website development, South West UK

SEO Real Internet, Website design, website development, South West UK

So, instead of searching something generic like ‘shoes’, users may search ‘red running trainers size nine’. And it’s the longer search terms, or long-tail, where you can pick up more visitors.

Don’t worry about the user not using the exact words. Google’s latest algorithm update can now understand context – so even if they don’t search word for word, as long as your page is optimised and indexed correctly, you should still rank pretty high.

But long-tail doesn’t always have to be product pages either.

For example, if you sell domestic cooling fans, not everyone who needs a fan is going to use the search term ‘fan’. They could ask: ‘How to keep cool during a heatwave in the UK?’

If you’re not catering for these users, you could be missing out on conversions. And it could make all the difference.

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