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Common SEO Mistakes That Even Some Experts Still Make

SEO, also known as search engine optimisation, is a great way of organically boosting your website traffic.  By helping your website to appear higher up in search engine rankings through the use of keyword analysis, you can help to increase traffic.  Increased traffic will allow you to convert more people, ultimately boosting your brand recognition and your revenue.

However, the world of SEO is dynamic, and tips and tricks that help to increase your SEO are changing all the time. Our experts at Real Internet know this, and have highlighted some of the most common SEO mistakes that even experts still make.

SEO Real Internet, Website design, website development, South West UK

1. Overuse of Keywords

While keywords are vital to SEO, inserting the right keywords into your content will help your SEO ranking to soar.  Sometimes though, content can contain too many keywords which will upset the natural flow of your writing.   Equally, stuffing your website text with keywords may also cause search engine algorithms to flag your page as spam, hindering all of your other SEO work.

2. Writing only for Keywords

Furthermore, while keywords are vital, it’s important to remember that any text on your website is for the purposes of informing the reader.  Each page should have a purpose, and well-written text will help to convert your readers.  By writing for the end-user, rather than writing solely for the use of including keywords, will help to draw the reader in, helping your conversion rate and, ultimately, your revenue.

SEO Real Internet, Website design, website development, South West UK
SEO Real Internet, Website design, website development, South West UK

3. Ignoring Meta-Descriptions

It’s not just the text of your website that algorithms consider; they also look at the titles and meta-descriptions written on your website.  Considering the use of keywords in these sections can really help to boost your overall SEO ranking, helping you beat the competition.  These areas are often overlooked, so make sure you consider your titles and meta-descriptions!

At Real Internet, we pride ourselves on our SEO and web design expertise. We ensure that our specialists are always up to date with the latest trends, helping you to stay ahead of the competition. You can find more information on the services we provide here, contact us today!