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Hello again!  This week we’re focusing on one of our valued clients, Kirstie Ogborne, owner of Juby Interior Design in Thornbury, near Bristol.

With 25 years experience, Kirstie has completed major projects for many well-known public figures.  Her services range from advice and preparing properties for sale to complete interior design of a property.

Visitors to the Kirstie’s website are shown a clear and uncomplicated step by step guide to her process, from first consultation, through design plan and sourcing materials, to finished project.

Kirstie’s projects are always built around her clients, whether they are looking for functional family spaces or a luxurious environment in which to relax.

Web design, development and hosting for Juby Interior Design are all looked after by Real Internet, and as part of our service, we send clients a monthly report, showing the work we continue to do in maintaining their website.

This includes updates, analytics, security and performance, and by monitoring SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) we give clients like Kirstie the peace of mind that their websites can be easily found on Google.

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Real Internet Website Report

Our clients’ monthly report give the latest analytic data on traffic, showing how many site visitors they have had, where they are from and which pages were most popular.

These reports aren’t just numbers and graphs, indecipherable to anyone but the technical people (our very own Scott and Jay) who generate them.  They are actually a source of invaluable information – a tool for helping you make critical business decisions in response to audience engagement.

For example, Kirstie writes a monthly blog and with our reports, she can see each month how many people viewed her blog page and how long they stayed.  This can help her continually shape her web content to serve her audience.

Also, in May the website had more visitors from the US than the UK.  Kirstie could use this information when focusing on how to position her online advice offering for overseas clients.

Plus our regular updates ensure that website visitors won’t be put off by slowly loading screens or broken links.

You could design your own website.  How long would that take? And how much time would it take you each month to keep on top of Google’s continually changing algorithms and make sure your business doesn’t slip past page one of the search results?  How do you sort out your analytics so you can see how many visitors your website gets?  How do you know which are the best keywords to use?

You don’t.  You’re brilliant at what you do, so let us do what we’re good at.  Kirstie is an amazing interior designer and her clients love what she does, she doesn’t have to be a brilliant web designer or SEO expert – we’ve already got that covered!

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So, if you’d like to find out how Real Internet can help you keep delivering value to your customers, with a website they’ll love, please get in touch –

Check out Kirstie’s work here –

Until next time!