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Real Internet Bristol, Gloucestershire, South West UK, search engine optimisation

This week we’re in Sharpness, Gloucestershire, home to one of our valued clients, Paul Simpson, Boat Builder.  Paul’s business builds high quality boats, from Narrowboats to Widebeams, suitable for both living aboard and cruising.  He provides a complete in-house marine service, creating works of extraordinary beauty and lasting quality.  Clients love Paul’s signature style, whether they are looking for traditional craftsmanship or stunning modern luxury.

In 1993 Paul bought a second-hand 70ft narrow boat, ‘Katy Beth’.  It was his first boat (not counting the tin bath in which he cruised a stream at the age of 13, before being capsized by his brother).  Paul decided to make some changes to the woodwork and painting and later sold ‘Katy Beth’ to replace her with a shell from Liverpool, designing the fit out and style himself.  This work generated a lot of interest and the boat sold very quickly.

The business grew from there, exhibiting at the Crick Boat Show four times and winning twice. They now build at least six boats a year.

Real Internet designed and developed and now hosts Paul’s website, which has been live for over a year.  He thinks we have done a “fantastic job” and as Paul is, in his own words, “not a computer person”, he really values the service we provide for his business.

We take care of all the WordPress updates and security, so Paul knows he doesn’t have to worry about visitors to his website experiencing any problems.  We also continually monitor SEO to ensure that our clients’ businesses rank highly on Google.  A search for boatbuilders in Gloucestershire finds Paul’s business in the top three.

Real Internet Bristol, Gloucestershire, South West UK, search engine optimisation
Graphic Design Real Internet, Website design, website development, South West UK

We’ve also handled the brand development and graphic design for Paul’s business.  We designed his current logo and were able to produce business cards, signage for his workshop, as well as marketing posters and brochures which he has been able to take to boat shows.

These have been well received by his customers and has helped generate business for him as thanks to our work helping him stand out from his competitors.

He is also ‘on board’ with digital marketing, having his own Youtube channel and Facebook page, and currently has a 5* rating for his business on Google!

As part of Real Internet’s service, we send each of our clients a monthly report, with top-level data about updates, analytics and security.  We make sure the report is clear, concise and easy to understand.  Paul is very busy building boats – he doesn’t have hours to spend trying to decipher a lot of numbers and graphs.  He finds the report useful for tracking website traffic, which has been steadily increasing in recent months.  He can also use the report to identify areas for improvement, for example in how to convert more website visitors to sales leads.

Other than that, Paul doesn’t spend much time thinking about his website – he’s happy to let us take care of it while he’s in the yard, fitting out his latest boat!

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