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This week we are talking about the SSL certificates. We’ll also focus on one of our clients, Bath Babysitting Agency, founded in 2009 and run by Maria Hendzel.  Maria links parents with quality babysitters in and around Bath, so the agency is a perfect example of why SSL certification is so important in establishing trust and keeping sensitive customer information safe and secure.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is technology developed in the 1990s which creates an encrypted connection between a company’s web server and the web browser of visitors to their website. SSL allows for information to be transmitted privately and securely.

SSL certificates are only issued by providers to verified companies who have undergone several identity checks. Visitors to SSL certified websites will see either a padlock symbol or a green address bar. The address will also show as https:// rather than http://.

This creates trust – the visitor knows that any details they enter will go to the right server and will only be seen by the organisation that owns the website; it cannot be intercepted by imposters trying to steal information.

Certified websites prevent attackers and intruders from tampering with data that is being transmitted. SSL also stops malware (software designed to gain unauthorised access to computer systems) and phishing (fraudulent emails passing off as reputable companies in order to steal information, such as credit card details and passwords).

Real Internet SSL
Real Internet SSL

An SSL certificate protects you and your website visitors and creates trust, which leads to more customers and more sales.

For Bath Babysitting Agency, establishing complete trust with their customers is vital. All their babysitters are experienced childcare professionals who have been DBS checked, referenced and interviewed.

The agency’s website contact form asks for personal details, including children’s names and dates of birth, which no parent is going to give unless they are confident that their information is safe and secure. Also, people wishing to become one of Maria’s babysitters are asked to enter their details on the website, including address history and references.

Real Internet provides Maria with her web hosting and development. We ensure that the agency’s website is routinely updated and secure. This gives Maria peace of mind in knowing that the information her customers and prospects provide her with will only be seen by her.

Also, websites without an SSL certificate are increasingly penalised by Google – ranking low or even omitted from search results. So Maria can also be confident that potential customers will find her when looking for a babysitter.

Real INternet SSL

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We know how important SSL authentication is and we normally charge £40 for an annual SSL certificate, but we would like to offer this for FREE to any of our uncertified clients who set up a Go Cardless account with us.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please get in touch here –

And if you are a parent in the Bath area looking for a reliable and trustworthy babysitter, please get in touch with Maria at