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Real Internet Bristol, Gloucestershire, South West UK, search engine optimisation

Hello and welcome to Keep it Real, the new blog by Real Internet.

Watch this space for all our latest news and updates.  You can also get to know who we work with, as every week we focus on one particular business.  You’ll learn about the services our clients deliver for their customers, and how Real Internet keeps things running smoothly in the background.

The first client we want to talk about is the Yate Outdoor Sports Complex.  If you live anywhere in or near Bristol, you will have no doubt heard of it; perhaps you and your family are regular visitors to the complex?

Real Internet in Partnership with YOSC

We provide web design, hosting and IT support for YOSC and now we are working with one of their trustees on an exciting new project!

YOSC is having a makeover!

The 400m track is being completely replaced with a brand new Olympic standard arena. When work is complete, it will be the only professional level venue within 100 miles, with facilities for all athletics track and field training and events.  Floodlighting is being renewed and there will be improved access for disabled athletes.

Permanent fencing will surround the track, with the opportunity for local businesses to advertise at YOSC.  There is space for over 200 boards, visible to the thousands of people who visit here every year – to train, to compete, to watch sporting events, or to attend functions and award ceremonies in the suite overlooking the athletics arena.  Not only that, but the opening of the new track will attract media attention from local press and TV.

It’s big news!

Real Internet Bristol, Gloucestershire, South West UK, search engine optimisation
Real Internet Bristol, Gloucestershire, South West UK, search engine optimisation

Support Local Sporting Talent

Our latest addition to the Real Internet team is Gary Nightingale.  Gary has been contacting businesses in and around Yate, offering the opportunity to advertise at YOSC. Whether you run a small business in the area, or manage the local branch of a global brand, chances are you’ve already spoken to him!  Gary has found that people speak fondly of the sports complex and are keen to get involved.

Most of the revenue generated by this advertising is going straight to YOSC, so the businesses who advertise here are directly supporting local sporting talent, as well as the development of professional athletics in their local community.

For the first time, YOSC members are planning to build and train a team ready for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, so this local support is invaluable and much appreciated.

That’s all for now! Look out for our next blog, featuring another of our valued clients.

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